Getting Your Child Enrolled in Pattonville Schools
Registration for the 2016-2017 School Year
The Pattonville School District is implementing an online registration system for the 2016-2017 school year, which requires some changes to the registration process. Be sure that you read the directions below CAREFULLY to ensure a smooth process.

Returning Students
Directions for students who attended a school in the Pattonville School District last school year (2015-2016) and still currently live in the Pattonville School District will be provided after July 6, 2016 on this web page. Returning students also include incoming kindergarteners who registered in the spring during kindergarten registration. Return to this page to find a link where you can log into PowerSchool with the username and password you created last spring. You will be asked to read and follow the directions carefully as you verify the information we have on file for your student. Once you have completed the information update, you must click on Submit and Exit.

New Students
The following are directions for students who were NOT enrolled into the Pattonville School District last school year (2015-2016). This includes students moving into the district for the first time, incoming kindergarten students not registered last spring, and students transferring from private, parochial or homeschool for the first time.

New K-8 Students
The enrollment window for student(s) new to the Pattonville School District will be open from June 6 to Aug. 5, 2016. Families with a lease or property in their own names may now enroll any student in kindergarten through eighth grade in the student services office at the Pattonville Learning Center, 11097 St. Charles Rock Road in St. Ann. Parents should make an appointment online at www.timetosignup.com/psdr3 and will need to bring the documents listed below ("Documents Required for New Enrollments").  

New High School Students
Students entering high school will enroll by appointment with Charlene Mair, high school registrar. Please contact Ms. Mair at (314) 213-8051.

All grade levels: After you provide proof of residency, you will be given a password to enter in your student(s) information into PowerSchool, the district's student information system. (You will NOT be able to pre-register before June 6.) Unfortunately if you enroll after Aug. 5, we cannot guarantee enrollment on the first day of school. To help us prepare for the new school year, we ask that families complete the enrollment process as soon as they are able.

Documents Required for New Enrollments

        1.  Photo ID of parent/legal guardian:
                A driver's license or any other state ID is acceptable
  • The biological, foster or adoptive parent may enroll the student
  • Guardians must have the proper guardianship forms signed and a copy of court authorization
  • Custody documentation is required
        2.  Documentation of child's date of birth:
                Please bring ONE of the following:
                        Birth certificate
                        Valid passport
                        Signed hospital certificate with official seal
                NOTE:  Kindergarteners must be 5 years old on or before July 31.
                         First-graders must be 6 years old on or before July 31.
        3.  Proof That You Live in the Pattonville School District:
                (NOTE:  Disconnection and past due notices are not acceptable forms of proof of residency.)     
a.  If you own your home, please bring the following:
  • Mortgage statement, deed, real estate tax bill and/or signed purchase contract with possession date of closing date no more than 45 days prior to possession date.
  • Two current utility bills, i.e. gas, electric, land-line phone (no cell), water, trash, cable bill; the bill must show the parent/legal guardian's name and service address.
        b.  If you rent, please bring the following:
  • Current signed lease or rental agreement that has been signed by all parties. Landlord's contact information must be provided. If lease is month-to-month, you must have a valid statement from the landlord or the lease must be designated month-to-month.
  • In addition, if you are on a month-to-month lease, you will be required to provide utility bills or bills with your name and address each month of your school of attendance.
        4.  Immunization records are required by state law.
Click here to find Missouriís requirements:

Affidavit of Residency
This form is to be completed for a student attending a school within the Pattonville School District who resides with his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s), but whose residence is located in the home of another adult living within the boundaries of the Pattonville School District. The Affidavit of Residency is valid for the current school year only, as long as the student and the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) continue to reside at the address listed on the affidavit during that school year. The affidavit must be submitted annually before the start of each school year or upon moving into the attendance area of the new school.

Affadavit of Residency0.pdf

Items Needed Residency Waiver Info.pdf

Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must submit the Affidavit of Residency and all required documents to the Student Service office. Parents can make an appointment online at www.timetosignup.com/psdr3

Exceptional Attendance
The Pattonville Board of Education establishes attendance boundaries for each of the schools in the district. The attendance boundaries are established to balance the enrollment of students throughout the district and to utilize the available space in the facilities in the most efficient manner. Generally, students will attend the school to which their geographic area is assigned.

The Board recognizes that there may be some families who desire to have their children attend a school outside of their attendance boundary. The Board has established the Exceptional Attendance Policy to govern the assignment of students to schools other than their normal attendance center.  Review the Exceptional Attendance Application if you are interested in applying for Exceptional Attendance please fill out this form.

Exceptional Attendance Application.pdf

Helpful Information
Back to School Supply lists can be found on the website of your child's school. Click Here for links to Pattonville Schools.

Attendance Areas
To find out what school your child should attend based on your address, click on the link below and insert your address and child's grade level into the appropriate fields. You must choose a grade level in order to find the school your child would attend. Your child does not need to be enrolled to use this search function.

Immunization Requirements
Missouri State Law Bill Number 167.181

Missouri law requires that students meet immunization requirements on the FIRST DAY of school. These would include all students unless noted otherwise:

1.) Diphtheria (DTaP/DTP, DT or Td) – A minimum of four doses is required for students in grades kindergarten through four and three doses required for those in grades five through 12. One of the three doses must be on or after the child's fourth birthday. Six doses of pertussis is required for all students six years of age and younger. An additional dose of Td is required 10 years after the last dose. Td booster may be given five years after last DTaP/DTP. Repeat every 10 years throughout life.

2.)  Polio (TOPV) – A minimum of three doses is required of Trivalent Oral Polio vaccine. One of the three doses must be on or after the child's fourth birthday. (If a combination of IPV/OPV is received, four doses are required.)

3. Rubella (German Measles or Three-Day Measles) – Kindergarten requires two doses with 28 days between doses with one dose required on or after the child's first birthday. For children in grades one through 12, one dose is required, received on or after the child's first birthday.

4. Measles (Rubeola, Hard or Red Measles) – Two doses must be administered at least 28 days apart on or after the child's first birthday.

5. Mumps (MMR) – Kindergarten requires two doses with 28 days between doses with one dose required on or after the child's first birthday. For children in grades one through 12, one dose is required, received on or after the child's first birthday.

6. Hepatitis B – Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine are required for all students in grades kindergarten through 11. Students ages 11-15 may use the following as a guide for the two-dose Merck Recombivax Hepatitis B vaccine schedule: Dose two, four to six months after dose one.

Missouri School Law requires that children who are not completely immunized will not be allowed to enroll in school and will be excluded immediately. If you have any questions regarding your child’s immunization status or for more detailed information, please check with your school nurse.

Early Childhood Requirements
The following explains what age-appropriate immunizations are required for preschool attendance to be in compliance with the law. Required immunizations by the time a child reaches the upper-age limit are:

0-14 months - 3 DTP, 2 OPV
15-17 months - 4 DTP, 3 OPV, l MMR
18 months to school entrance - 5 DTP, 4 OPV, l MMR, l HB (HbCV)
0-18 months - 3 HB

One dose of Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine on or after the child’s first birthday is required.