Pattonville's Strategic Plan
Pattonville updates its strategic plan every five years. This plan, known as the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (or CSIP), is focused on
• Improving student achievement for all students;
• Involving parents, students, staff and community members in the decision-making process for their schools through School Improvement Teams; and
• Addressing critical issues such as finances and facilities.

Updating the Plan
On March 27, 2012, Pattonville began work with parents, students, community members, staff and area leaders to update its strategic plan. After meeting throughout the 2012-2013 school year, the plan was finalized and approved by the Pattonville Board of Education on June 25, 2013. The updated plan focused on four outcomes:
• Build a vision for 2025 (when kindergartners from August 2012 graduate) by designing schools that prepare students to meet international learning standards;
• Update the district Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (Pattonville’s strategic plan, also known as CSIP) goals and identify specific action steps (building and district) Pattonville must take during the next five years to meet international learning standards as reflected in the nation's Common Core State Standards;
• Identify and address budget issues to ensure identified goals, targets and action steps are funded; and
• Ensure Pattonville is highly competitive academically and in the quality of its programs when compared with other St. Louis metropolitan schools and school districts.

The CSIP update process included members of each school's school improvement team, as well as parents, teachers, board members, administrators and community members collaborating in various work groups. The work groups were:
• “Resources” – This group shared information and developed strategies regarding economic development, city-school district partnerships, budget priorities, staffing and facilities planning.
• “Community Connections” – This group’s purpose was to share information and develop strategies regarding community needs related to housing, mobility, resources and opportunities for students and families.
• “Before and After-School Activities” – This group’s purpose was to develop programs and collaborations that provide activities and athletics for students in preschool through 12th grade; enhanced opportunities for student involvement and student achievement; and the ability for students to develop their talents to open doors of opportunity for post-secondary education.  

Our Plan for 2013-2018
Full version of the plan
Keynote presentation given to the Board of Education on June 11, 2013