Building-level Teacher and Support Staff of the Year honorees announced

The 2022-2023 building-level Teacher of the Year (TOY) and Support Staff of the Year (SSOY) honorees were surprised by special presentations. These staff members were nominated by students, parents and co-workers and chosen as the honoree from their building by their fellow staff members. They are: 

• Early Childhood – Sharon Wood (TOY) and Jennifer McDowell (SSOY)

• Bridgeway – Jessica Esquivel (TOY) and Renee Davenport (SSOY)

• Drummond – Brittany Garcia (TOY) and Stephanie Kellner (SSOY)

• Parkwood – Abigail Beckermann (TOY) and Jarrett Harrison (SSOY)

• Rose Acres – Joseph Rehagen (TOY) and Vickie Moore (SSOY)

• Willow Brook – Jennifer Rogers (TOY) and Christina Finazzo-Purl (SSOY)

• Remington – Emily Cook (TOY) and Malissa Fedrick (SSOY)

• Holman – Matthew Parker (TOY) and Caroline Burgess (SSOY)

• Pattonville Heights – Wendy Mathis (TOY) and Mallorey Burns (SSOY)

• Pattonville High School – Danelle Emerick (TOY) and Debra Dold (SSOY)

• District Services – Emily Groneck (SSOY)

These staff members will have the chance to advance in the district-level process and will be recognized at District Appreciation Night on May 1. Click here to see a full list of nominees. 

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