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Printing Department Services


Pattonville’s printing department provides a variety of design, printing and delivery services for Pattonville schools and departments. Graphic design services are also available.  All mailing services are handled through this department and interoffice mail is provided through the district courier.  When scheduling permits, the department also provides printing services for organizations in the community on a fee basis to cover personnel and printing costs.

Printing Request


Your request will not be processed until a printing requisition has been received in the printing department office.  This can be sent through interoffice mail or as an email to Mike Voegelie with instructions for your project and the printing requisition number.  Any requests received after 10:30am will be processed the following work day.  Below you will find a production schedule for your general information.  Please keep in mind that there are exceptions to this schedule.  You will be notified if the due date you requested can not be met.




Pattonville's bindery services include (but are not limited to) cutting, padding, perforating, folding, tab inserting, mailing, collating, spiral binding, gbc binding, drilling, laminating, etc.  If you are requesting one or more of these services, please make sure your printing requisition clearly explains your specifications.  




Minimum laminating size is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Maximum laminating size is 23" wide.  Please allow 7 working days for laminating request to be returned to you.  NOTE: SOMETIMES IT IS MORE COST EFFECTIVE TO  REPRINT INSTEAD OF LAMINATING.


First Class Mail


The printing department processes all First Class, Bulk, Certified and UPS requests daily.  All outgoing mail must be received in the printing department by 2pm or it will be processed the following day.  Envelopes do not have to be sealed.  Large envelopes with clasp must have tape covering the metal clasp to allow it to feed through our postage meter equipment.  Please let us know if advance if your building is sending a mailing of more than 250 pieces.  That will allow them time to arrange their schedule and be prepared for arrival of your outgoing mail.

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