Board notes from the Oct. 13 board meeting

Read about actions taken at the Oct. 13 school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.

 Board Actions

The board of education on Oct. 13:

  • Heard an update on Pattonville’s COVID-19 planning;
  • Approved paying $774,697.34 for regular bills;
  • Approved paying $364,221.01 for purchases made on Pattonville’s purchasing cards, which earned the district a rebate of 1% (or $3,642.21);
  • Approved, in compliance with Missouri State Board of Education procedures, the September 2020 transportation route miles for the 2020-2021 school year;
  • Approved a contract between Pattonville and the Special School District for substitute personnel services for the 2020-2021 school year;
  • Approved a Red Ribbon Week proclamation declaring the week of Oct. 26 through 30 as Red Ribbon Week in the Pattonville School District;
  • Approved paying $4,165 to the National School Boards Association for the 2020-2021 membership dues;
  • Lodged for action revisions to Policy JHCB (Immunizations of Students); a vote is expected at the Nov. 10 board meeting;
  • Approved paying $1,299.50 to Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan and Jackstadt for legal services;
  • Approved, as lodged for action on Sept. 8, revisions to policies BBB (School Board Elections), BBBB (School Board Ballot Issues), BBE (School Board Vacancies), BHA (Board Member Orientation, Training and Development), IKF (Graduation Requirements) and JCB (Transfers Within the District);
  • Approved the renewal of the Renaissance Learning Online Assessment Platform agreement with Renaissance Learning, Inc. for $90,163,50;
  • Approved the purchase of 75 MacBook Air laptops and cases from Apple, Inc. for $65,471.25;
  • Approved the purchase and installation of 18 Motorola radios for new school buses from RCC, Inc. (Radio Comm Co.) for $10,123.95;
  • Approved renewing Microsoft subscriptions from Insight for $29,523.96;
  • Approved the purchase and installation of 189 65-inch, 4K UHD TVs, mobile carts, sound bars and mounting kits from Kansas City Audio-Visual for $268,236.36; and
  • Approved the purchase and installation of GPS units from Synovia Solutions for $12,785.

New Hires

  • Steven Aversa, evening custodian, Pattonville Heights
  • Vivian Brown, bus driver, transportation
  • Latoya Burnett-Brown, daytime custodian, Remington
  • Sandra Jones, evening custodial floater, district-wide
  • Harold Swofford, bus driver, transportation
  • Marvella Wafford, daytime custodian, Parkwood
  • Jason Williams, evening custodian, Parkwood


  • Sheila Burks, printing specialist, effective Sept. 30 after serving Pattonville for 18 years
  • Dr. Joe Dobrinic, principal, high school, effective at the end of the 2020-2021 school year after serving Pattonville for 10 years
  • Cathy King, custodian, Rose Acres, effective Sept. 30 after serving Pattonville for seven years

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