Message from the Superintendent

In recent days, we have witnessed the outcry of anger and grief over the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As a school community that values and celebrates diversity as a strength, we see the pain our students, staff, and community are experiencing. Recent events underscore that we as a society have much work left to do to ensure African-American friends, neighbors, and colleagues can thrive in the world without fear or encountering barriers to success.

We want our students, families, and staff to know we see them, we hear them, we love them and together we can build a better world of equality. One of our long-standing areas of focus is growing students into respectful, involved, and responsible citizens. As such, we support peaceful efforts to end racism and promote racial equality, equity, and justice for everyone. Our work as a school district continues to center on ensuring equity and support for all students, from the personalized learning environment designed to meet each students’ individual academic needs, to programs that support our students’ social and emotional health and wellbeing. We will also continue to provide staff opportunities for learning and growth in cultural proficiency and equity so they can better serve the needs of our students.

Today, our seniors are receiving their diplomas during a special Senior Send-Off at Pattonville High School. They graduate this summer during a time of hurt and turmoil, as our world wrestles with momentous problems, such as systemic racism and a global pandemic. I am confident these seniors are prepared to make a difference that will positively impact all of us for years to come.

Pattonville’s diverse community and its ability to come together through hardship have always been a strength. We encourage everyone to deepen their support of one another and let our solidarity define us and drive us forward as a school community. Please take care of each other, now and always.

Tim Pecoraro, Ed.D.

Pattonville School District
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