Remington students participate in Kids Voting USA

Just one week away from the general election, students at Remington Traditional School are participating in Kids Voting USA. They are gaining an appreciation of the power of voting, studying the candidates and important issues, and understanding the registration process in order to participate in an election.

“This is a national program and we were introduced to it through UMSL and have done it in the past,” SIGMA and social studies teacher Ms. Dodie Logue said. “Their votes will be counted with students from across the country and we will find out who the kids elected on Nov. 4.”

In order to prepare, students in Logue’s SIGMA (middle school gifted education) classes studied the candidates and issues relevant to the election by reading Scholastic articles and visiting the candidates’ websites. 

“They actually were part of a candidate’s group and they had to create promotional materials including a video explaining why their candidate should be elected.” Logue said. “We shared that with other teachers in the school who are doing the vote with their classes.”

Fourth grader Chernor Barrie voted in Ms. Julie Linck’s class and said he developed an appreciation for the power and influence of voting. After submitting his vote, he raised his hands over his head and said, ‘I just did my civic duty.’

He learned it’s important to vote and a person needs to pick who they think is right for president. 

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