Pattonville English Language Learners Program

Students in Pattonville School District represent over 40 languages and 65 countries.  The English Language Learner (ELL) program provides support for over 425 students who speak another language and are not proficient in English.  Presently, there are 13 ELL Specialists and 9 Paraprofessionals who assist students in learning to speak, read and write English well enough to be successful in school and life in the United States.

Every student who enrolls at Pattonville completes a Home Language Survey.  Students who speak or understand a language other than English are assessed by one of our ELL Specialists to determine if ELL Services are needed. Students participate in the ELL program in a variety of ways, including, small group instruction, team teaching within the classroom, and resource classrooms for specific subject matter.  Students receiving ELL services are assessed annually to determine their level of English proficiency. Once a student has exited the ELL program, academic progress is monitored for two additional years.

For more information about the ELL program, please contact Dr. David Miller, program coordinator for ELL Services, at (314) 213-8060.

If you are interested in English as a Second Language adult classes, contact the Parkway Area Adult Education & Literacy Office at (314) 415-4940. They will direct you to free classes in Pattonville and other local areas.